Best Time to Visit Saint Lucia

Best Time to Visit Saint Lucia

StLucia villa rentals can make your vacation even more special as you enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful island. In both past and present, St. Lucia has stolen the hearts of many with merely a first glance. As you look forward to the green, pristine and bountiful island experience, St Lucia villas most requested home will inspire your next holiday.

Everyone wants to visit this island of beauty and excitement. It’s the home to the dramatic Pitons, transparent turquoise water and volcanic beaches.

But what is the best time to visit set Lucia?

Best time to visit St Lucia

If you plan a trip to Saint Lucia, it is paramount to know when to visit-what to avoid when on the Lucian shores, where to find the best St Lucia Villa RentalHowever, when to visit factors in optimal weather, the island has two seasons, wet and dry.

Popular Times to Visit St. Lucia

The best time to visit the island is in the high season, from mid-December to mid-April. You will experience the most sunshine, but for a more laid back vibe when St Lucia Villas offer great deals, the wet season might be your pick. Thus, book your vacation between the months of June and November. The heavenly luxury villas often offer accommodation at a lower rate.

But, before you click that purchase bottom for your ticket and reserve accommodation with the best St Lucia Villa Rental…read to find out more!

Visiting Saint Lucia in June – November

June to November offers the best deal, especially on a budget. Although the region experience high rainfall at this point of the year, you will still experience the best of Saint Lucia. The weather comprises relatively short but heavy tropic showers. But there are still plenty of sunshine hours. Wet months mean the island landscape is more lush and green, but the temperatures are also high for a tropical vacation.

Most importantly, St Lucia Villa Rental offers the best deals.

Other season includes:

High season

Mid-December to mid-April marks the high season in Saint Lucia. In the period, you will find an increased number of visitors, low flight and accommodation availability. It’s the best time to visit the island for a beach vacation.

From December to February, the island experience cooler weather, great for beach days. But make a book on your vacation well in advance to make sure you get the best all-inclusive St Lucia Villa Rental for the best vacation deals. Read more!

Shoulder season

You can travel in the shoulder season for the best perks in between the high and low season. Travel in the months of mid-April to June, and you will enjoy the best of both world summer and wet St. Lucia. Besides, it’s easier to secure airfare and accommodation as the island experienced a moderate amount of activity. Most importantly, you won’t be battle with the crowds!

The weather is still great, and you will find top accommodations with St Lucia Villa Rental at lower rates.

Where to stay at St Lucia?

Won’t you love a villa that offers a one master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, rain shower and kitchen and a fantastic balcony?

You will enjoy luxury at an affordable price is your goal. You’ve found it. Besides, you don’t have to stay in the crowded rest and bust hotels when you can choose St Lucia Villa Rental—where you get all the amenities if a fancy hotel with privacy and romance that can only come from a luxury villa:

  • Pool/Swimming
  • AC
  • Kitchen
  • Internet
  • Balcony/Patio
  • Smart TV
  • Laundry
  • Parking ​

Bottom line

The best time to come to Saint Lucia depends on your budget and purpose of visit. You’re assured of friendly people laid-back lifestyle, breathtaking natural beauty beside the best accommodation. There is a lot to love about Saint Lucia, the perfect choice for Caribbean escape. Let’s hope you find the best time to visit with great St Lucia Villas stay. Click here for more information:

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