Tips for snowbirding on Vancouver Island

Tips for snowbirding on Vancouver Island

The mild winter climate in Vancouver has been an alternative for snowbirds who do not consider the heat in the U.S. sunbelt to be favorable. Some prefer to stay in Canada for other reasons, which may include healthcare. Houses built by Vancouver real estate developers ensure that the residents on the island enjoy a magnificent view outside during winter since there is a low amount of snowfall and temperature is conducive.

When there is snowfall, it does not last long, but it is always chaotic. A few residents are used to winter driving. If you are seeking to go snowbirding in Vancouver, there are certain things to look out for like;

  • Convenient downtown Vancouver condos
  • Taxes
  • The climate condition at the time, etc.

We consider your accommodation to be the most important thing while planning your trip, so we have made it a priority in this article. Do you want to get the best tips for snowbirding in Vancouver Island? Take a peek

Get the best hotel or condo deals

There are a lot of lovely downtown Vancouver condos and hotels on the island. All you need to do is to search for the best deals on Google, and you will get the ones that are suitable for you. You can find good deals on Vancouver MLS listings.

Ensure they have good kitchen amenities

Some hotels offer a full kitchen with basic appliances and cooking utensils, whereas others provide kitchenettes. You can make your pick according to what works best for you. See more!

Laundry Services

The hotel might make in-suite available, or you might have to share laundry rooms with other guests. Make inquiries to find out their operating hours and security features. This is to ensure that your clothes are not stolen before they get dry.

Check the available parking options

Whether you are coming with a personal car or using a rental, ensure that the parking space does not incur additional charges.


Taxes incurred from staying in hotels may vary, but you should know that an extended stay is proportional to higher taxation. Ensure you check the tax ranges before proceeding to book. Apply scrutiny while checking the terms of taxation to avoid any mistakes and disappointments.

Find out if breakfast is included

The menu might probably not be your choice, but it is convenient to have the free breakfast option in case you want to explore.

Other tips you should never ignore include;

  • Making sure that your smoking/non-smoking preferences are not neglected.
  • Whether there is free Wi-FiInternet Access.
  • Ensure that you leave home with your prescriptions if there are any.
  • Make sure there is a health facility close by.
  • Make arrangements with a good and customer-friendly transport company if you are not traveling in your car.
  • Having a tour guide is a plus.

You might have been looking for a guide to put you through your snowbirding trip. We have come to your rescue! Vancouver Island is an excellent location to spend some quality time and have fun. Feel free to adopt our guide has a fantastic time on the island. Click here for more information:

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