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Cinépolis wants a movie history around the world

Cinépolis continues its expansion in Virginia, Texas and Ohio. However, it is not the only thing that is at hand: reaching the Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf could be the next chapter to begin.

Everything started with some cinemas in Michoacán. Enrique Ramírez Miguel began with a modest business that seemed uncertain in 1947. By 1970, Cinemas Ramírez and Multicinemas became the closest antecedents of a company that wants to write a film history around the world.

The film show continues its expansion in the United States, as it plans to open new locations in Texas, Ohio and Virginia. However, it is not the only thing that holds the mark of Organization Ramirez: arriving the Arab Emirates could be the next chapter to begin.

“We are in the process of developing the joint venture,” says Alejandro Ramírez, CEO of Cinépolis.

Meanwhile the business continues in Mexico. During 2015, the Mexican market reported the sale of 296 million movie tickets, a 15 percent increase compared to the 257 million tickets sold a year earlier, according to data from the Chamber of Motion Picture Industry (Canacine). An upward trend observed since 2008, when ticket sales reached only 182.4 million.

In 2015, revenues at the box office amounted to 13,793 million pesos (mdp), which translates into an increase of 14.8 percent compared to the 12,006 million pesos collected in 2014.

The grandson of the firm of cinemas has the plan to conquer the canopies of the world and its plan has a component that challenges the competition: innovation.

The innovator of the cinema

Twelve years ago, Alejandro Ramírez arrived to occupy the general direction of Cinépolis. The event is no less if you take into account that the young economist’s hand started the innovation and growth of the firm around the world.

Cinépolis was formally created in 1994. That same year, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed by Mexico, the United States and Canada, prompting the arrival of new competitors in an industry that Was controlled by the government.

Enrique Ramirez discovered that the arrival of the new foreign players in the cinemas could represent the end of the chain of familiar cinemas, reason why it was necessary to call to the grandson educated in the University of Oxford to help in a task that seemed insalvable.

This is how Alejandro decided to start his adventure as director of Operations, in 1994, and later in the highest position of the company. The ace under the sleeve of the original entrepreneur of Morelia, Michoacán, is one: innovation.

Making simple changes is a way to innovate that can cause a deep revolution inside a company and an industry. Ramirez Magana has shown this.

One of the first proposals of Alejandro to the members of Cinépolis was to eliminate the intermediate breaks in the films exhibited in the cinema, which provoked a stir in the firm. The majority considered that to carry out the proposal would end the sale of popcorn, soft drinks and sweets in the chain. “That will not happen and they will see how they increase the income,” said the young heir to the family tradition. The story proved that he was not wrong and the changes to come would not be wrong either.

Placing rows of staggered seats, numbering the spaces in the cinema to assign them to the moment of buying your ticket and creating rooms with special attention for their clients, such as VIP (Very Important People), has allowed the chain to innovate and do A difference that allows them to grow.

Until July of this year, Cinépolis accumulated more than 352 cinemas in Mexico, with 3,108 screens, while in Latin America it consolidates its presence. In Guatemala, the firm has eight cinemas, with 65 screens; In El Salvador, the chain adds three cinemas, with 24 screens; In Honduras, the brand has three cinemas, with 16 screens; Costa Rica counts eight cinemas, with 49 screens and Panama, total eight cinemas, with 57 screens.

Also, Peru has four cinemas, with 36 screens; Chile reaches 26 cinemas, with 161 screens; Brazil has 45 cinemas, with 348 screens and Colombia reaches eight cinemas, with 54 screens. Visit here for more info.

But Cinépolis is not satisfied with growing up in the region. The firm is present in Spain, which has 37 cinemas, with 414 screens, and India has 46 cinemas, with 232 screens, and the United States has 16 cinemas, with 161 screens.

The American Union is the focus of the growth Ramírez has in mind. Therefore, the company plans to land in Texas, Ohio and Virginia.

In addition, the firm analyzes its entry into the Persian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates.

Trump Effect

However, Alejandro Ramirez is not entirely at ease. The arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States represents a risk for the commercial exchange of Mexico with other countries, which could also affect Cinépolis.

“I think our investments in the United States will not be affected, because, of course, investments go to every country and what they want least is to restrict or inhibit investment,” he says in front of a group of students convening Aliat Universities .

However, the renegotiation or elimination of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would affect businesses like Cinépolis for the importation of inputs, as is the case of corn to make popcorn that are marketed in the chain of cinemas, projectors , Speakers, servers and screens, to name a few.

The grain of the so-called popcorn is free of tariffs, as well as cheese for nachos and caramel, so that affectations to the most important trade agreement that has signed the country could leave to Cinépolis a bitter taste of mouth.

“If there were tariff levels that existed prior to the 1993 Free Trade Agreement, it would be better for me to import corn from Argentina, for example, than from the United States,” says the entrepreneur.

The treaties or free trade agreements that Mexico has signed will be a strength if the threats of the president-elect of the American Union materialize, although there are certain products that are not among the commercial partners of Mexico.

“It has been very difficult to diversify Mexico’s trade, since 80% is with the United States, because we have a free trade agreement and proximity, and it is the most important economy on the planet. It’s too tempting to sell him to the United States, “he explains.

Hermann-Texas Medical Center

As part of our system, Memorial Hermann has a set of 11 hospitals, through which we serve as teaching hospitals for the University of Texas Medical School, ensuring that the care we provide to our patients is based on the New medical advances that are discovered every day always looking for a superior technology. We are never satisfied with what we have achieved, but are continually looking for innovative solutions.

For generations, Houston and its surrounding communities have relied on the Memorial Hermann-TMC for its outstanding care and medical quality.We have obtained recognition for our excellence in areas of care such as;Cardiology, vascular disorders, cancer, neuroscience, sports medicine, specialized surgery, orthopedics and organ transplantation.

As the first hospital to open at the renowned Texas Medical Center, we have achieved a long history of innovation. Here are just a few examples: In 1946, we were the first hospital in Texas to perform a cardiac catheterization procedure. In 1976, we were the first in Texas and the second nationwide to launch an air ambulance program called “Memorial Hermann Life Flight ®,” which remains the only hospital-based air ambulance service program. In 1985, we were avant-garde in the treatment of the last terminal stage of liver disease, achieving the first liver transplant in Houston. In 1988, we opened the first center for vasculocerebral treatments. In 2005, we were the pioneers in the world in performing aortic reconstruction through robotic surgery. In 2006, Memorial Hermann-TMC performed in Houston the first multitransplant of four organs in the same patient and fourth in the National level.

Thanks to our revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine and surgery, we have established new quality standards in the American Union for our medical care for our patients and obtained leadership awards in the medical industry from prestigious North American organizations including Thomson Healthcare, “VHA Leadership Awards,” “USNews & World Report,” “University Health System Consortium,” and the “American Heart Association.”

Achievements and Acknowledgments

When clinical quality and patient well-being are the primary goals, the results are reflected in quality care par excellence, a low percentage of complications, a decrease in the possibility of human error, a daily increase in the demand for our services, Just to name a few of our daily work strategies for achieving and maintaining this level of care. Our medical team, their achievements and acknowledgments are confirmation that our hard work and success are due to dedication and passion for patient care.

In 2007, we were the only hospital in Houston recognized by the Thomson 100 Top Hospitals® as Leaders in Performance and Improvement based on a US national benchmark that regulates consistency in the quality of service Highest level and its increase in quality within these five indicators: clinical results, safety, hospital efficiency, stability and financial growth. For three consecutive years, the Memorial Hermann Institute of Cardiology of Texas Medical Center, “Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center,” has been the only medical institution to be named one of the 100 best cardiovascular hospitals named by “Thomsom 100 Top Hospitals® “: This recognition is a benchmark of great success and meritorious for us in the cardiovascular area. The TIRR Memorial Hermann was rated No. 4 on the list of America’s Best Hospitals by the USNews & World Report for 18 consecutive years.

In the same year, Memorial Hermann Medical Center of Texas received two important awards from the Kirwan GP & VHA Leadership Awards for its leadership, clinical excellence and community benefit. Another recognition was awarded by the Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Award for its quality in customer service and the excellent medical care patients receive. The American Heart Association, “The American Heart Association”, recognized the good performance and annual use of our institution.

The hospital has an Interpreter Service available 24 hours a day to provide interpreters in all languages, including the American Sign Language, for the purpose of assisting patients and staff. If you require the service of an interpreter, ask the staff to provide it as needed.


The Tramplers

Gordon Scott, Joseph Cotten, Muriel Franklin, James Mitchum, Ilaria Occhini, Franco Nero

After the Civil War, coord, one of the most powerful men in Texas, has lost more than 20,000 cattle because of yankees. His obsession is to restore all that the war they are removed even if it must use their children to a very high price. The arrival of John, one of the children who had been missing for years, causing destabilization family.

For me it is a great Italian Westerns, perhaps little known amateur. “The guns of North Texas,” directed by Albert Band, the father of Charles Band, is an intense family drama with a good script and a good cast, which highlights the great actor named Joseph Cotten, and where other actors such as Gordon Scott and James Mitchum, a son of Robert Mitchum, they do the best they can. Franco Nero also appears as “Frank Nero,” before starring in “Django” by Sergio Corbucci (1966) recently reinterpreted by Tarantino.

The film Band has much to do in the plot and themes, with a subsequent film as “ruthless” (I crudeli, 1967), directed by Sergio Corbucci and starring again for Cotten. In fact, one can say that this film Corbucci, also revered by Tarantino was inspired, surely, in the previous film Band.

In both cases, I see a very American scheme, the parent-child relationship conflict. In “The guns … ‘is Cotten Temple twine, an arrogant, quarrelsome and overbearing rancher who wants to recover all the war-the war of secession has taken them, using it for their children and their employees as an army private. The children, as a means or instrument for the purpose and father’s wishes, as in “Ruthless”. Fortunately, two of these children (Gordon Scott and James Mitchum) do not agree to be mere puppets in the service of his father.

Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cheshire Cotten (Petersburg, May 15, 1905 – Westwood, 6 February 1994) was a American actor, arrived at the cinema by Orson Welles, working on films such as Citizen Kane or The third man, and released to the public for some of his performances in Alfred Hitchcock films (Shadow of a doubt and Tormented) . Born in Petersburg, Virginia, in a family of high society. Her parents, Sally Bartlett and Joseph Cotten Mr. had two other children, Whit and Sam, Joseph being the largest of them. In 1931 he married his first wife, Leonore Kipp, a pianist, and their marriage lasted until her death in 1960. In 1960 he married the British actress, original canary, Patricia Medina, and marriage lasted 34 years, until his death. After a long battle with cancer, died of pneumonia in 1994.

He studied acting at the Hickman School in Washington DC He worked as a film critic for the Miami Herald, and turned to advertising, radio and theater, taking place its debut on Broadway in 1930. he played major roles in theatrical works like Jezebel, Julius Caesar, the Philadelphia Story (with Katharine Hepburn) and Sabrina Fair.
it was at that theater atmosphere where he met Orson Welles, with whom founded in 1937, the Mercury Theatre.

His film debut was in the first production of Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” in the role of Jedediah Leland, in 1941. Because the film was based on the life real media mogul William Randolph Hearst, he did everything possible to not be distributed and attacked systematically from their newspapers. Got to sabotage the movie, which won only one Oscar. However, it is considered a masterpiece and one of the best films in xmovies8 history, and would be instrumental in launching the careers of film Cotten and give it the prestige of the great actor he held throughout his career. For the cast of the film, Welles used the various actors in the theater company Mercury Theatre, which he founded with Cotten.

The third paper Cotten in the film was also in another film of Orson Welles’ The Magnificent Ambersons “in playing the role of Eugene Morgan, which will consolidate definitively in the film world.

His latest collaborations with Welles were in the productions “the third man” by Carol Reed, in 1949, although in this case and he just Welles were co-stars, and in the film “Touch of Evil,” directed by Welles in 1958; in it, Cotten is the subject of a short cameo.
Despite not continue working together, Cotten and Welles always be joined by a great friendship.
It was a very versatile actor, and after his great success in Citizen Kane, collaborated on several films Alfred Hitchcock. The first was Shadow of a Doubt, in 1943, with Teresa Wright, in which she played a serial murderer. The other collaboration would be in the film Tormented, 1949 with Ingrid Bergman. Again met with Ingrid Bergman in the film of George Cukor’s Gaslight in 1944 as a supporting actor. This paper re-launched his career although he was the only actor in the cast of the film was nominated in any Golden Globe or any Oscar in Hollywood.

His career over the years 1940 and 1950 was very fruitful, participating in a number of films. Duel in the Sun, with Jennifer Jones in 1946 and Niagara, Henry Hathaway, next to Marilyn Monroe in 1953, were two of his best known films. In the decade of the 1960s and 1970s, his career became somewhat irregular, participating in films like Lullaby for a corpse of Robert Aldrich, with Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland, but also dedicated to B-movies or films for television, with the exceptions of 77 Airport and Tora! Tora! Tora !.Despite its extensive film and to have participated in some of the most important films in cinema history, never won any Oscar; in fact, never even being nominated.


Types of welding machines

Among the welding equipment two types of equipment for semi-automatic welding machines where welding wire and AC and DC, are working with the electrodes, investors also are included here. There are also semi-combined by means of which it can function as a wire and electrodes.

Each of the above types of machine is weldable high strength, especially if they use an experienced welder. If you do not have much experience in welding craft, then it would be wise to give preference to semiautomatic machines. When working with an arc tool set correctly on in automatic mode, there is virtually no spatter. Equipment design directly affects the quality settings.

Today we can see the broad mercadogama welding equipment. If you want to choose a welding machine for home, it is important to determine what type it is necessary: home or amateur. Its main differences are maximum power, reliability and price. adviced when selecting equipment for home use, it is important to pay attention to some features. Let’s examine them in detail.

Reach the election

It is best transformer enfriamientosemiautomática do without the use of a fan, ie, natural method. If you want to weld quality was the best, try to buy a machine with a large capacity battery and a powerful choke.

If the device is equipped with an electronic brake, disconnect the cable to the welder stops, then it will not have to constantly bite the excess wire.

Pay special attention to the quality of the unit suministroalambre: the softer the wire is fed, the lower spray will occur during operation. The best way to approach the block was of German manufacture.

Now about the spark arrester. Should completely eliminate the occurrence of sparks when the semi-automatic disconnects. Its purpose – to remove the residual charge of the vessel.

If you are using a tubular semi-automáticaalambre then besides your you you do not need anything else. Otherwise, you will need to buy the gear and tank with carbon dioxide. When welding the carbon dioxide must be fed at least one to two for the pressure sensor.

Advantages of inverter welding machines

inverter welding machines have a number of advantages. First of all investors are characterized by ideal parameters for welding current output, plus it can be configured in a wide range.

Inversorel system efficiency is greater than 90%, since practically no internal inductive losses. This reduces the cost of electricity compared to devices arc power transformers half. When choosing a welding machine for energy consumption at home often it acts as a priority measure.

Other important features when welding elegircasa are its weight and dimensions. Very often, the inverter weighs no more than ten kilograms, so it is easy to transport and transfer, plus storage does not require much space.

The main and the main disadvantage of inversores is the high price compared with conventional welding machines. In addition, they are more demanding about the quality of the mains – If the voltage is too small, the high – frequency transmitter equipment just willnot start. This in turn limits a little use: not every area has a stable voltage energy, especially unusual field. If you decide to choose a welding machine for the house, it would be wise to pay attention to their adaptation to the conditions of Ukraine.

As a rule, for the house it is sufficient to use an inverter to 160A, as devices with a current of 200 A are already professionals and are much more expensive.

How to choose a welding machine for home
Visit for more information.

Tips to clean the exterior of the house

We always worry about the housecleaning and are looking for solutions to improve our environment and have a healthy home.

But we often forget that the outside of the house also needs some care, not only to make it look good, but to prevent the appearance of certain problems that eventually can damage inside the home. So today we share the following tips to clean the exterior of the house .

Clean house outside

The exterior cleaning of the house must be made at least once a year. However, the frequency of it depends on the type of environment in which it is located, so if you think you need, you can clean the exterior of the house 2 or 3 times a year.Not equal care in the city, the care of a house on the beach , or in the field.

Cleaning Accessories


To clean the house on the outside is required of certain items that generally do not have at hand, he remembers that we are talking about a larger structure and whose cleaning needs are different from those originating inside.

It is best to rent (or buy, if you are among your chances) some of the accessories that you will name so that it will make the cleaning job easier.

Accessory hose

The easiest way to clean the exterior of a house is to use a hose having a pressurized jet that gives enough strength to the water to reach great heights, and which is effective to help loosen dirt from surfaces. To clean the house you just have to start with the top of the different facades of the house and down as washing walls progresses.

special brushes

To remove stains and dirt using elements such as brushes strong bristle, preferably wire, and others with softer bristles for delicate surfaces.

Cleaning chemicals

While most advisable to clean is to use natural cleaning products and avoid using chemicals to clean , clean the outside of the house it requires some chemicals to remove dirt . Depending on your needs you can use:


The chemical used in bleaching is ideal for cleaning roofs and gutters, as it has the ability to destroy both germs such as mold and other elements that can damage the building. You must use it carefully in areas where plants.


For a quick cleaning it is ideal to use detergent diluted in water. You must spend with a brush over all surfaces to be cleaned and use the jet pressure to remove itcompletely.


There are cleaning acids are recommended to get rid of the strongest stains (mildew, rust) that stay in certain areas. In this case you can use vinegar to remove these stains.

General maintenance of the house

While clean examines the general state of the house, see if there are leaks, leaksor stains denoting moisture. Also, make sure there are no cracks and that thedoor frames and windows are in perfect condition.

I hope these tips to clean the exterior of the house serve you for your purpose. Keep cleaning inside and out ensure you enjoy your home in perfect condition, always taking into account the best for your health and your family. click here for more details.